THY WindPower - "The Quiet Wind Turbine"

The small wind turbines produced by THY WindPower are the least noisy models on the market. An independent institution, Orbicon A/S measured the noise levels of THY WindPower products and issued a report about the noise levels (available here, in Danish).

The reporting institution measured that at 6 m/s the TWP 40-6kW model produced only 79.2 dB(A), which means that the noise requirement of 42 db(A) at the neighbour's outdoor living areas is achieved already at nine meters of distance. At 8 m/s, the noise measured is only 80.8 db (A), which means that the limitation of 44 db(A) at the neighbour's outdoor facilities is met also at nine meters. When considering the noise-sensitive land use (residential areas, holiday homes, recreational purposes etc.), the noise limits are respectively 37 and 39 dB (A). These values are met at 45 meters of distance. The low-frequency noise limit (max 20 dB (A) indoors by neighbor) is also observed at nine meters.

Thanks to, among other things, custom designed wing tipping, helical gear with slanted teeth, low rotor speed, and a very quiet generator, we managed to produce the market's quietest small wind turbines. We are constantly working to reduce noise from our products to the benefit of the neighbors - and the owner of the turbine himself. Overall, the owner lives closest to the turbine and has to live with it for many, many years.

For TWP 40-10 kW, the source noise is 84.1 dB (A) at 8 m / s. Report and spacing table (in Danish) can be accessed here. As it can be understood from the just mentioned values, our 10 kW turbine has a higher noise level than the 6 kW turbine, due to the fact that it is a larger and more powerful machine. Anyway, the difference is not really perceivable. As a comparison, please consider that travelling in a car normally has noise levels around 90 db (A).

THY WindPower Noise
THY WindPower Noise

THY WindPower Noise Comparison