A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical power.
A wind turbine is designed to produce electricity, which can be used in different ways, depending on the needs of the user. Large models are usually meant for industrial applications (providing electricity to the grid), while small wind turbines are normally meant for household or farm applications. Besides powering a house or a building in general, the electricity can also be used to produce heat (with the help of resistances or heat pumps) or to charge electric cars. In general, any application which require electricity can also be carried out with the help of a small wind turbine. If your electricity demand is not that high, a solution is also to sell your production to the grid, therefore securing a constant income for several years.
THY WindPower (in Danish THYmøllen) is a very reliable manufacture of small wind turbines active since 1983. With more than 30 years of experience we design products made to last. The company is located in the region of THY (north-west of Denmark), which is the area in Denmark with more wind -both in terms of electricity production and wind speed-. The location has no compromises: wind turbines have to be tough to withstand the weather conditions, which is why THY WindPower's products have a safety factor of 3,0. The area is full of THY WindPower small wind turbines, and we have a considerable number (420!) also all around Denmark. You can find the map of the installed -and working- windturbines here.
THY WindPower produces small wind turbines in two sizes: 6 kW (TWP-6kW, green) and 10 kW (TWP-10kW, black). The majority of houses does not need larger capacities.
The majority of small wind turbines in commerce consist of a uniform tower (looking like a pipe), which often rises protest of the neighbourhood, since they might ruin the landscape. Having a metal tower, like THY WindPower, reduces the impact on the landscape, making the wind turbines almost invisible.
Our wind turbines are designed to last at least 20-30 years.
Our wind turbines need very little maintenance. At THY WindPower we know that maintenance costs, therefore we design our products for last as long as possible. Besides having a safety factor of 3,0, the turbines are equipped with standard industrial components, which makes it easier to find spare parts. Furthermore, being the rotor area below than 40 m2, there is no need for the turbine to be serviced by specially educated personnel: your car mechanic can do the job, saving therefore a considerable amount of money.
One of the strong points of THY WindPower is the low level of noise produced: with 79.2 db(A) at 6 m/s and 80.8 db(A) at 8 m/s, our small wind turbines are the most quiet ones in their category. To give an idea on how few these values are, consider that when travelling in a car the typical noise level is around 90 db. Read more about noise levels here
The electricity production depends a lot on the wind conditions of the selected area, but the 10 kW model managed to deliver 2,400 kWh in 10 days of operation (full production for 240 hours in row).
Yes, we offer also a mobile monitoring solution, available as optional.
THY WindPower has a strong focus on its customers needs, and delivers products of very high quality. The solidity of our products, combined with 30+ years of experience and 400+ wind turbines installed in Denmark are factors that show what level of quality do we deliver. Furthermore, THY WindPower products are those producing less noise, in their category. This means that you can install them nearby your house and still not hear them.
Yes, our small wind turbines are designed for tough weather. Our company is located in the Thy region, which is the area in Denmark with the strongest winds: if our products survive in this area, they will withstand any weather condition. Additionally, our wind turbines are designed with a safety factor of 3,0, which means that the gearbox can handle three times the power delivered by the turbine. When winds get really strong (25 m/s) the wind turbines will stop, to increase safety. The structure can hold winds up to 60 m/s (216 km/h).
An inverter can easily cost 3,000 Euro, meaning that the final price of the turbine will be much higher. Additionally, having an inverter brings several limitations, like decreased lifetime and decreased production. Instead, in THY WindPower we use asynchronous generators (like in the large wind turbines)