Tough Conditions

Designed for Tough Conditions

Do you live in a area with strong winds and are you afraid that our wind turbine will break? Do not worry! THY WindPower designs products to last! One of the main reasons of having a safety factor of 3,0 is due to the location of the company: as the name suggests, we are located in the Thy region, which is in the North-Western part of Denmark. Here the wind is present all over the year (is the place in Denmark with most wind!) and wind speeds can easily reach 30 m/s or more. Furthermore, being the area in between a fjord and the North Sea, corrosion agents are very present, making it more difficult for machinery to last.

Our products are, therefore, designed and engineered to withstand the hardest conditions that can be found. A proof of the quality of our products can be found by taking a tour around the Thy region and observing how many are the household wind turbines produced by THY WindPower.

Additionally, Danish regulations require that households wind turbines are installed at not more than 25 m from the household, which means that the turbine has to be as quite as possible, otherwise the owner will live with a constant noise just attached to his house. THY WindPower turbines are the most quiet in the market, so when you will open your window you will hear the birds singing, not the turbine operating!

This are the reasons why our products should be trusted: if they last here, they will be suitable for any location!